Nicaraguan general election, 1967

A general elections were held in Nicaragua to elect a president and parliament on February 5, 1967.

Fernando Agüero led the Conservative presidential slate again in the 1967 presidential contest and was the sole nominee of the National Opposition Union (Unión Nacional Opositora – UNO) coalition. The Conservatives (then at the apogee of their popular support) and their Social Christian and Independent Liberal allies mobilized widespread popular opposition to the first presidential candidacy of National Guard head Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Although UNO lost the presidency to the Liberals the PPSC did win one seat each in the House and Senate”.

In retrospect, the election of 1967 was the zenith of the Somozan political and electoral apparatus. From that time on, the younger Somoza took personal charge of everything, excluded the principal power groups of the Liberal Party, and started a gradual decline in the electoral efforts which eventually lost all pretense at being democratic at the domestic level”.

(*) Plus one life-time Senator by virtue of his being ex-President of the Republic. (**) Including one seat for PPSC.