Kundavai Pirāttiyār

Ālvār Sri Parāntakan Sri Kundavai Pirāttiyār or Kundavai Pirāttiyār was one of the queens of the Chola empire. She was the daughter of Parantaka Chola II and the elder sister of Rajaraja Chola I.

Kuntavai commissioned many temples for Siva, Vishnu and Jaina. She features in Chola inscriptions.

She built at least two Jain temples, one at Rajarajeswaram later known as Dadapuram and the other at Tirumalai. She built a hospital after her father named Sundara Chola Vinnagar atula salai at Thanjavur and donated extensive lands for its maintenance. She made lavish donations to the Brihadeeswarar temple at Thanjavur during the reign of her younger brother Rajaraja Chola I and her nephew Rajendra Chola I.

One of the inscriptions reads:

Some of the images or idols set up by princess Kundavai include:

Here is an excerpt from the 29th year of Rajaraja that lists some of her gifts to Brihadeeswarar temple:

Kundavai spent the last days of her life with her nephew Rajendra Chola I at the palace in Palaiyārai.